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Michele Marie Bachmann on Hannity says She has a ‘Titanium Spine’.

Okay so I’m online doing my norm and I have Fox News in the background on TV. Darn if Michele doesn’t sound like a clone of Palin? My vote can change at any time but Herman Cain currently has my vote. For those that are not up to speed, Herman is the colored fella, a conservative republican. This is not a joke. I think Mr. Cain would make a great President. I respect the fact that President Obama broke the colored barrier but my political views are not the same.

With that said, if you believe in the bible, the old testament, it clearly states that woman should be subservient to man. No way a woman should lead our country. I blame it on the sexual revolution. It all started back in 1893 when New Zealand gave them the right to vote. -Big Drew