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A Heartfelt Letter from Spur’s Uncle Lewis.

Mr -Big Drew, I am emailing you because my nephew, as you know him, Spursfan, has decided to give up on his website. Thank you for contacting me to help through that Psychic Hotline. As you are aware, I past away some time ago but Spurs was always my favorite nephew. How could I not? He looks just like me….

Can you please loan him your Ouija Board to contact me so I can smack the sh*t out of him? That boy never had any common sense. Some called him slow but I knew better. He just need to stop smoking that marijuana. -Uncle Lewis

No problem Uncle Louie. I must say, you guys look just alike. -Big Drew

Google Maps Street View, SpursFan Lives Here

Big Drew, not that you are any better off you fat f*ck but I thought I would share with you a pic of Spursfan’s casa. One of his X-girlfriends told me where he lives. What’s funny is it still looks exactly like this Google map street view from 2007. I was going to knock on his door but the garbage cans in the front yard smelled horrendous. There was all these fast food wrappers and bags in there. Looks like he drinks a lot of Natti Ice too, there was a bunch of cans all over the front lawn. Kasey definitely lives like a Viking!

Give him a break, it’s his first place on his own. Last year for his 34th birthday present, his grandma gave him the money to rent the place. -Big Drew

‘WeinerGate’. NY Congressman Anthony Weiner Admits He’s Part of The He-man’s Greg Blaster Club.

“I have made terrible mistakes that have hurt the people I care about the most,” Weiner said at a tearful press conference.
“I regret not being honest about this. I was embarrassed. I was humiliated.”

WTF Weiner? You are not only a member but the President of the ‘He-man’s Greg Blast Club. I move for your immediate removal and put forth my recommendation as a loyal member, SpursFan. -Big Drew

Is Richard Jefferson Really Gay from the NBA team San Antonio Spurs?

Big Drew, this is really not news. Who gives a f*ck except for AzAnon since they play for the same team. if this guy likes to smoke the baloney pony so be it. The bottom line is that he was a non factor in the NBA playoffs against the Grizzlies and now he and the Spurs have all the free time to do what they want.

Get your broom out cause the Mavs are gonna sweep the Lakers. -Big Drew

>Spursonian Vampires are coming out!

Pseudo Army: I’ve emailed you in the past Big Drew about your boy Kasey staying up all night. Seems he has a following into the wee hours of the morning now. Kasey and I work together during the day and he’s not the Kasey I know. I may be wrong but i think he’s been bit by the blogger vampire? He used to be very nice to all of us but as of late, very short and confrontational. Can you help?

Call Nik Richie(Almost Famous).-Big Drew

>This Mystery tops the AR (Amanda Roadmen/Arielle Reitsma) 10 Fold!


I have previously posted that Spurs and RR were twins separated at birth. I will be the first to admit, I was wrong.

New intel received from very reliable sources (Staff):

Kasey and Ashley are one in the same. Spurs is Ashley Blair! Notice the hair extensions and same left Bob Dole arm and hand. The facial features are an exact match. No wonder Jayden Solo was so creeped out. You’re busted Skeletor!

>Spurs, I can’t stop laughing! You’re the Rave King!

Bob Dole called, says he wants his arm back. (Oldie but goodie!)

>The Wizard of Oz called, Says they’re Casting for New Talent.


Yo ScareCrow, you better get you game on. Your skills are in the basement with Gary and Wet Gayness!

>Rocket Queen Hates Spurs Fan?

Big Drew says:
My reply will be posted on my faux website.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: RQ
To: Big Drew
Date: Jun 23, 2009 6:12 PM
Subject: what i wrote to spurs:

i have lost total respect for you.

you are asking for Drew’s help after all you have told me about him? unbelievable. What a weak f*cking jackass you are.

Then, after no giving me a shoutout on your video (which i was willing to overlook) I come back and find emails from you requesting MORE??

AND you said Jaden did something horrible to you. Come to find out, all she did was forget a spock figurine?

Dude, take this just how it sounds, you belong in a f*cking hospital.

f*ck off

Big Drew (okay so it’s huge):

you should remove that video. He let you be the testing ground for his idea. YOu had the b*lls to start up the website, he saw nik was not coming after you, then he finally had the courage to do his own site. now, Nik refused to post his video on the dirty, and he is USING YOU. Can you f*cking see the irony here?

you’re a tool if you allow it. i have helped him for the last week, being supportive and he just crapped on me.

user, he is a user.

>Spurs Fan Rips on Nik Richie from The Dirty.

>Who Stole your Eyebrows?

I will dissect this video on a future date. But one thing I noticed is that Spurs Fan is a Magician! Watch him make Jayden’s present disappear at 3:54 of the Vid.