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NY Jets getting closer to a restructured deal with Mark Sanchez

 Jets reportedly met with the representatives for Sanchez on Friday.

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s still too early to know how it will play out.  Whatever the Jets offer Sanchez on a reduced contract could be more than what another team would pay.”

This would seem to be the exact opposite of not only the direction the team looked to be going, but also the exact opposite of something fans would want. There’s no guarantee Sanchez will be back, but there’s now apparently no guarantee that he won’t be.  We will update you as soon as information comes in.


>Jets masseuse Amanda Oswald: Former QB Brett Favre sent sext message – but didn’t harass me.


Brett Favre may not know when to quit the game, but he does know when it’s time to stop sexting, one former Jets masseuse said.
Amanda Oswald, who was allegedly sent some racy text messages from the former Jets QB, told that while she thought the texts weren’t appropriate, she didn’t feel like they were lawsuit-worthy.

Sounds like somebody got paid. -Big Drew

>J-E-T-S. Jets, Jets, Jets!