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5 Star Mobile Guide Rated Master Chef Big Drew.

I love Dinty Moore….. Notice the almost 10PM time on the stove. This is a secret recipe for a ‘Jersey Shore’ beach body! -Big Drew

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!

I just got off the phone with my Dad. You may know him from a previous post rocking the Gucci white loafers back in the day. I called earlier and left message. So he calls me back from some Tiki Bar/Restaurant overlooking the ocean down in FLA. He’ll be 85 in October, God bless him. This pic was from my visit last year. Dad, my brother in-law and myself. I hope I look that good if I ever make 85….. -Big Drew

Group Shot from Pamela Pucker.

Fat MoFo Drewche, you are always talking about your FaceBook harem of woman. Tell me this is not the perfect picture?

Funny. Love how Oz, Wap, Columbo creeped into the pic. AzAnon is losing his hair and Spurs is the tart in the rear. -Big Drew

The Twilight saga, SpursFanSays, you had me at Hello

Big Drew, I work for Mr. S and he called me at like 2 in the morning asking me to work your friend into the the movie. I figured I would give creds for his previous films. This is just a preliminary draft.

I just fell off my $99 Staple’s Throne. -Big Drew

Genital Hand Sanitizer.

Big Fatso, love where the sites going. Let’s see if you have the balls to post this? It’s no secret that you are pushing close to 300 pounds these days. Granted you’re tall but there’s noooway you can carry that lard Chubby without notice. I am going to leave out names and just say, someone forwarded me a pic you sent them and let’s just say, you have that “dickdo” disease. Yes that is an old joke, your belly sticks out more then your dick do. It wasn’t a greg blast pic or anything close but simply a pic of you that seemed like you swallowed a basketball. Does “rub the Buddha for good luck” sound familiar?

Okay, so we here at Pamela Pucker have a mole in our corporate headquarters. Someone is wiki leaking insider trader information. What I don’t understand is how this, your email ties into the picture above?
FYI, I wash my hands before I touch my genitals, not after. -Big Drew

Both Kristen Stewart and Big Drew Rock the Ray-Bans. We are Bringin Style Back!

Hey Big Dork, I wasted way to much time going through your pucker site posts, time that I will never get back and could have done something way more productive. You know, I could have read the dictionary…….. Anyway, it seems both you and Kristen Stewart both like to rock the old school risky business Ray-Bans. Have you ever heard of the Pendulum Theory? If it holds true, I guess those Z Cavaricci’s you still have should come back soooooooon……..

These kids today have no style. Give me a break. Since when is an Ed hardy or Affliction T-shirt and jeans acceptable on a Saturday night out? Pic Below of my Dad and I, 1975 on New Years Eve at the El Convento Hotel, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now that’s Style! -Big Drew

Memorial Day Weekend on the Jersey Shore with

Love the talent that grace’s The Jersey Shore! By no means am I being narrow minded, I have traveled the world. The Jersey Shore has some of the hottest woman to grace this planet, just sayin…… -Big Drew

Danielle Staub Naked from ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ to Strip at Scores.

Hey Fatso, isn’t Danielle close to your age? Both of you are pushing 50. Maybe you could do that gay dance of yours as an opening act at Scores? Seems as that’s the only way you would ever get in to that Gentlemen’s club since as you say, “I’m broke as a joke”.

If it wasn’t for hate mail, I would get nothing? I’ve never been abused more then on my own site?
-Big Drew

CBT needs to get his head out of his Ass!

Roy says: “Americans make one-third fewer doctor visits a year than people in other countries but we pay an average of $59 for an office visit, compared with $31 in France. Our doctors make a lot more money than their colleagues in other countries. Adjusting pay across countries by purchasing power, U.S. doctors get paid about two times as much as in others.”

All Americans have access to health care. The debate is about who should pay for it. Free and low-cost governement-run programs (socialized medicine) result in higher costs and everyone receiving the same poor-quality health care i.e, the countries you mentioned above. Health care should remain privatized.

The problem of uninsured individuals should be addressed and solved within the free market healthcare system–the government should not control healthcare. –Big Drew

Danica Thrall shows us her Tits

Many thanks to Ross for finding us this beauty. Danica comes to us all way across the pond from London England. Maybe we should call ‘Porn Trout’ to see if we can get her some work here in the U.S. -Big Drew