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Arielle Reistma from PamelaPucker says, GO Bruins! Game 7 Stanley Cup Championships.

Big Drew, can you give a shout out to my Boston Bruins and root us on in game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Championships? Thanks XOXO -AR

Update: Boston wins the 2011 Stanley Cup! Congrats. -Big Drew

You got it Amanda! Everyone please root our U.S. team from Boston and put the wammy on those ‘Oh Canada’ Canucks. -Big Drew

This is the Most Confusing Thing Ever. Amanda Arielle Roadmen?

I guess that finally solves it? Amanda Arielle Roadmen!
-Big Drew

Arielle Reitsma Chimes in with Proof?

Arielle Reitsma

This amanda roadmen/ariellereitsma stuff is really lame. The only reason I get that you believe amanda is if you are her or you dated her online and are just too sad to think that it was really some fat dude you were talking too and not the hot girl in the pics.

here is some proof, if this isn’t enough then I don’t know what is?

Just go to both of their twitters and the proof is all there and if you look at amanda’s twitter a lot of the time when she replies to a tweet the twitter that she is replying too doesn’t exist and just look at the address bar on her friends (that she created) like and you will see how she put a capital i instead of a l. btw elaines real facebook is and she is following ariellereitsma and monicas real facebook is not mon__bee

Probably after all of that proof you’re still going to believe Amanda Roadmen and her fake money orders (which Nik even said were photoshoped) so have fun talking to a dude 🙂

Look AR. We can do this for ever. Both of you have a valid argument. I have a friend that works for C.S.I. Please send me a set of panties so we can do some D.N.A. tests. -Big Drew

The AR Conspiracy, Amanda Roadmen or Arielle Reitsma?



Big Drew, many will say that this argument is old, tired and plain old stupid. I disagree. Can you please put an end to this once and for all? AR is the hottest girl on the net and if you could just clear this up we all would be most grateful.

Okay, please everyone, can you comment some solid proof either way? If you are not comfortable with that you can always email us here at and I will post. -BigDrew

The Real Amanda Roadmen, Dreamgirls Interview with Pics

1. So let’s start this off by letting you introduce yourself, what have you previously done, and what are your current projects?

Well… I’m a Model and Actress. I am currently filming different projects, I also work on the show on FX called “The League” and I did 3 to 4 appearances on there and I’ll be coming back next season for the full season. I am also working on a upcoming show that will air on fox in 2012 its called “Kings by Night” – I’m also a designer … I design for different clothing line companies and I have my own line coming out very soon hopefully it will be out by October of this year!

2. When out with your girls, what songs do you guys love to jam to?

I am from Boston …so I LOVE me some hip-hop. Anything from Michael Jackson to Lil Wayne, I like rap! Haha I’ll also be in the Lil Wayne “Hustle Hard Remix” video 😉 so look out for that!

3. What song would you say always reminds you of a crazy or funny memory? & Would you mind sharing the experience with us?

Hmm…. I have a lot of different songs that remind me of certain people, does that count? haha

4. What are your top 3 favorite artists right now?

Britney Spears, Lil Wayne and Waka Flaka 🙂 like I said… I LOVE me some rap haha

5. What are 3 of your favorite songs of all time?

Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson, Britney Spears If You Seek Amy, and Ice cube …umm I can’t think of the name of the song but the lyrics go something like “you better check yourself before you wreck yourself because gunshot wounds are for ya health!” hahaha

6. What does the phrase “Dream Big Hustle Hard” mean to you?

It means to keep doing what you’re doing and fabulously do it don’t stop ever even after you achieve all of your dreams and goals for yourself.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years? What do you ultimately what to pursue and achieve?

I see myself all over the place, haha …. I see myself a successful actress and I plan onto continue to model and have a successful clothing line and winning my first Oscar!

8. Well Amanda, Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview. Finally, Let everyone know how they can get in contact with you and any last shout outs you may have.

Well… I’m a twitter addict you can contact me on my twitter. Which is or my Facebook fan page just type in my name, I’d like to give shout outs to my amazing boyfriend who I love and adore, I love you daddy bear, & also my girls …and to my beautiful sister and family, & my fans … you’re all amazing! I love you all!!

This should settle things. I have researched and will post facts after I get back from the store. -Big Drew

Danica Thrall shows us her Tits

Many thanks to Ross for finding us this beauty. Danica comes to us all way across the pond from London England. Maybe we should call ‘Porn Trout’ to see if we can get her some work here in the U.S. -Big Drew

Arielle Reitsma

Kenneth Hertz to me
I am contacting you on behalf of my client. Ms. Amanda Roadmen who is also known by her stage name Arielle Reitsma. Ms. Roadmen has retained my services for quite sometime now regarding the matter of various web sites posting damaging rumors about her. Ms. Roadmen has informed me she has not contacted you in anyway, as it appears on your web site you’re implying that Ms. Roadmen has contacted you and is communicating with you but she is not.

I’ve spoken with Ms. Roadmen, her agents,manager and also her agencies and they have all informed me to file a defemation of character and harrasment suit against. My lawfirm has already won against a blog called It will not be difficult to win a suit against you or anyone else who’s posting such things about Ms. Roadmen. Amanda Roadmen is her legal name & Arielle Reitsma is her stage name,If you continue to imply she is quote “fake” or two different people, In the united states that is considered a form of slander and also Identity Theft.

I informed the 5th amendment rights: Freedom of speach applys to certain areas, you may not slander someone by using their images om your web sites and implying that their two different people. The new united states laws has improved the system regarding blogs and certain social networking sites, what you are doing to Ms. Roadmen is considered a severe case of identity theft and is punishible to 5-6 years prison please refrain and decist from posting Ms Roadmen on your web site. If you choose to exercise your right to the 5th amendment, Ms. Roadmen will exercise her rights as well which will recaint your 5th amendment rights.

Ms. Roadmen has informed me she has not given you any permission to use any of her candids or proffesional photos. Ms. Roadmen, does not mind being posted on your web site but on a conditional basis. The conditions are as follows; You may post her and her images but credit BOTH of her names,You may NOT imply she’s a “fake” or that she is two different individuals. If you go against Ms. Roadmen’s wishes, I will file the paper work on Friday, April 15th in Los Angeles. Which will include the following: Cival Suit, Defemation of Character Suit, Internet Identity Theft third degree, Harrasment and Stalking charges. If you would like to correspond directly to me or have your attorney contact me, I will be back in my office on Friday, I am in London at the moment but will be able to respond via email or phone.

Kenneth Hertz
Goldring & Hertz LLP
Beverly Hills, CA

I missed this lawyer-ed up email from 2 weeks ago. Kunt, I mean Ken, do not ever enter a spelling B contest cause you are definitely not smarter then a 5th grader.
FYI, A.R. has been texting me Crazy, just sayin….. -Big Drew

> Started this Shizzle not Me! Amanda Roadmen or Arielle Reitsma?


Big Drew,  It has been kinda overkill for everyone on the whole AR conspiracy.   At the end of day, yes Miss Hawaiian Tropic is hot as hell!  Look at the size of that hand on the purple crayon, haha!  Like you I am a huge Knick fan.  That Crayon from L.A. will not pollute my mouth and give creds by speaking his name….

Paranoia, paranoia
Everybody’s comin’ to get me
Just say you never met me…………

I’m not sick, but I’m not well
And I’m so hot cause I’m in hell
I’m not sick, but I’m not well
And it’s a sin to live this well

-Big Drew

>Arielle Reitsma Amanda Roadmen Mystery winds up on Big Drew’s Couch.


So I got an email today from some Facebook friend/stalker: 

“WTF Big Drew!  How the fuck did you get Arielle back to your place last night?  I seen you guys out last night at Bamboo and I was like nooooo wayyyy.  Then I seen the pics you posted on FB and I was like really no fucking way!  Arielle is good friends with my younger sister Jessica.  Jess told me that she has this attraction towards you because of God knows why.  Maybe I would understand if you were rich but you are a broke fat prick?

Taylor, go fuck yourself!  The key word above is fat prick which many times, was stuffed in that canyon you call a vagina.  One last thing, her name is Amanda Roadmen.  -Big Drew


>Spursonian Vampires are coming out!

Pseudo Army: I’ve emailed you in the past Big Drew about your boy Kasey staying up all night. Seems he has a following into the wee hours of the morning now. Kasey and I work together during the day and he’s not the Kasey I know. I may be wrong but i think he’s been bit by the blogger vampire? He used to be very nice to all of us but as of late, very short and confrontational. Can you help?

Call Nik Richie(Almost Famous).-Big Drew