Google Maps Street View, SpursFan Lives Here

Big Drew, not that you are any better off you fat f*ck but I thought I would share with you a pic of Spursfan’s casa. One of his X-girlfriends told me where he lives. What’s funny is it still looks exactly like this Google map street view from 2007. I was going to knock on his door but the garbage cans in the front yard smelled horrendous. There was all these fast food wrappers and bags in there. Looks like he drinks a lot of Natti Ice too, there was a bunch of cans all over the front lawn. Kasey definitely lives like a Viking!

Give him a break, it’s his first place on his own. Last year for his 34th birthday present, his grandma gave him the money to rent the place. -Big Drew

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I'm a chick magnet!

Posted on June 9, 2011, in spurs fan and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. That is funny as shit

  2. I dont see scion

  3. Testing testing 1,2,3

    Prince Akeem is a sick fuck.

  4. Yay it worked. Prince Akeem Jeffrey you belong in jai or need psychiatric care. Who in the hell sends HUNDREDS of yellow stained cum shots aka “spurters”? You’ll never meet a real person. Keep accumulating your PERVERSE porn collection. Keep GOOGLING bullshit to appear intelligent. If anyone reading this thinks I’m crazy I understand.

    I was catfished by an insane individual. I have the right to be angry. I can’t type anything mean because it will sound fake. If you need pics of thousands of creepy jerking pics come find me.

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